Pain commands our attention. It disrupts everything: our energy for life, our attitudes, and our sense of well-being. That’s why teaming up with a therapist now is so important. It’s time to move beyond emotional turmoil and indecision. Relief is possible! Integrative Healing Centre is a welcoming, retreat-like setting where you can talk freely, be listened to attentively, and learn tangible skills to build the life you want.

Individual therapy

Many clients begin with one-on-one therapy. Individuals may be seeking relief from emotional distress, understanding about changes in their life, or guidance to move forward and have hope for the future. In our one-on-one sessions, we work with you to understand your current situation, discover your strengths and build skills to reduce your pain, and create a roadmap to begin healing.

Couples therapy

Stress in a relationship can be powerful, as it damages both the relationship and each individual personally. Through our couples therapy, we work with couples (together and individually) to identify and address conflict and guide the relationship to resolution.

Group therapy

You may find group therapy to be a helpful and encouraging way to learn more yourself and learn from the personal journeys and courage of others. Integrative Healing Centre offers both weekly and monthly group sessions.

Body-centered therapy

We know that pain comes in many forms; keeping your body in mind enables us to help you identify all the sources of your pain and therefore discover more opportunities for healing. Body-centered therapy is a powerful personal development process that promotes change, growth and healing. In addition to having deep experience working with clients this way, our founder, Nancy Jonker, has also led workshops and trained others to become body-centered therapists.

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I never thought I would find a therapist who could help me. Your knowledge base is so broad and your work is so precise.

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